Beach Vibe Scrapbook Bundle

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your gift of scrapbook paper.  I would love for you to either leave a comment or pin this for later so we can have more crafters enjoy my blog.

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In order to download the paper you will need to check out in my store. There is NO CHARGE for the bundle this is just the most efficient way to do it

how to download the paper bundle

Download the digital paper.

Go to ‘Print’ and select ‘print’

The menu below will open. Yours may look a little different

Elect the printer you want to use from the ‘printer’ menu.

Then change the ‘paper size’ to A4 or letter paper or any size you like! (that

is equal to or smaller than A4 or letter size paper unless you are lucky

enough to have a wide format printer!)

Select ‘high’ in the quality menu. In case you were wondering, I haven’t

noticed a significant difference in how fast I go through printer ink when I

select ‘high’ compared to ‘standard’ quality.

Make sure ‘Full page photo’ from the menu on the right is selected.

Make sure the box beside ‘fit picture to frame’ is ticked.

Change the number of copies if needed.


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