Kitchen Conversion Mason Jar Magnet

Looking for a pretty, practical, personalized, and potential gift for an upcoming party you plan to participate in? Well, this Kitchen Conversion Mason Jar Magnet would be a perfect gift to give for a housewarming, bridal shower, and birthday. It would also be cute as a “Just because” gift for that neighbor/friend who might be needing some love.

Kitchen Conversion Mason Jar Magnet 

Everyone needs a conversion chart in their kitchen and one that is this cute. It definitely is the best option out there. Sorry, Amazon! So if you want to learn how to craft this simple DIY project from start to finish, grab your supplies and let’s get started. And if you decide to keep this little gift for yourself while you’re making it, there is absolutely no judgment from me at all!




1 – Print your free printable, the Kitchen Conversion Printable on regular copy paper,  and set it aside. I printed it on white but will show you an aging technique in a bit. Tip* We want to make sure your ink is completely dry when we get to that technique later. That is why we are printing it first.  

2 – Sand your wood a bit to give a smooth finish with a sanding sponge. Wipe free of any debris. 

3 – Next apply a coat of white paint to your Mason Jar wood cut out with your chip brush. Don’t forget to paint those sides and the back as well, to give it a completed look. Tip* You can use a squirt bottle to help remove any brush strokes by lightly spritzing. You do not need a lot.  

4 – Use a heat gun to speed up the drying process.

5 – Grab your specifically designed adhesive paper and lay down flat to trace the top section of your mason jar. Leave a little extra space as you cut your traced lines so you can have some wiggle room as you apply them to your wood. *Tip Use the dry technique with some scrapbook paper, with Mod Podge instead if that is what you have. Or check out one of my free digital download bundles too. They are extra cute. 

6 – Apply the cutout piece of paper to the top of your wooden jar. Press on firmly. With an Exacto knife, trim off the excess. Use a sanding sponge to help sand the edges to smooth it a bit. 

7 – Next, let’s determine where to add the printable to the jar. Using the light to help you see, place the paper on top of your wooden jar and eyeball where you think it looks best. Hold it up to see if that helps. Center it as best as you can. Once happy, rub your paper along the edges of your wood to create a crease to serve as your guide to help you cut. 

8 – Carefully cut out along the creased section of your kitchen conversion sheet. 

9 – To give it an aged look, you will need a small paint brush and a bit of water. Lightly rub some of the water along the edges of your paper. Once it is wet, you will lightly tear and remove it. Tip* If you want to skip this step, you can. I just prefer the more vintage look. 

10 – Next grab your ink pad, and lightly rub it along the edges being extra careful not to add too much. Tip* You can use a regular stamping ink pad or even a marker. 

11 – With your wet brush, lightly go over the conversion chart image and water it down a bit to continue to enhance your vintage look. You will pull from the edge with your ink to help blend that color over a bit. 


12 – Grab your Mod Podge and apply a coat directly on your painted dry wood in the center where you will add your printable. 

13 –  Carefully add your printable and then lightly brush on your top layer of Mod Podge. This will help seal it up. 

14 – To add the weathered, aged look to the rest of your jar, repeat the steps of rubbing the ink along the sides of your jar. Use your wet brush to help blend it up nicely. Age it as much as you like y’all. 

15 – Once dry, apply a self-adhesive magnet strip to the back of your mason jar. Tip* You can use a regular circular magnet with hot glue as well. Use what you have in your stash!

16 – Cut off a bit of jute and tie it around the top of your jar to add a cute little touch. Use your hot glue gun to help hold it in place. 

I told you. This is so cute! So stinking cute, if you ask me! I just love how adorable it turned out. Can you imagine how many people will talk about you and your gift? Can you hear them now as they say you are simply the best gift-giver, especially if you gave this to someone with a set of measuring spoons?

You, and this adorable Kitchen Conversion Mason Jar Magnet, would be the talk of the bridal shower or housewarming party. Let’s be honest too, it would even be cute as a birthday gift? And heck, you can always even gift it to yourself, my friends. Did you decide to do that? Are you keeping it? Treat yourself!!! Thanks so much for crafting with me today. Until next time, happy crafting!

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